Everything about the charming Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian is the smallest dog in the Spitz family. This dog is well known and attractive not only because of its small size but also because of its bumpy and hairy shape.The owners of this breed love them very much because of their great courage and bravery.  The Pomeranian dog is one of the smallest breeds of domestic dog and is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world today.  The Pomeranian is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, with its funny, smiling face, fluffy, plump fur, and back tail.Pomeranian dogs in the United States are divided into two groups based on their appearance, the bear pomeranian dog and the fox pomeranian dog.Pomeranian Bear DogPomeranian bears are pumice dogs that have shorter snouts, more smiling faces, and thicker hair that make them look plump. Pamranin bear heads are rounder and their eyes are closer together. The animal's head is well proportioned to its body, with medium-sized shiny black eyes. The ears of these dogs are …

Increase your Dog Longevity by take Walk

Dogs of any breed need to walk and run daily, and taking the dog for a walk is one of the most important tasks for a dog owner. A dog, as an animal, is instinctively a creature that loves to walk and usually starting walking at morning when they wake up. Having a large yard for a dog does not satisfy this instinct.  From your dog's point of view, this large yard looks like a large water tank in which they are trapped. Fish swim, birds fly and dogs walk.
As a dog owner, you should take your dog to walking every day, because it is so good for dog health and release its physical and mental energy.
Lack of physical activity and lack of physical and mental energy release causes behavioral problems in dogs. Walking with a dog is not a problem at all.
Some dogs need to walk twice and some four times, it depend on the breed of dog.
Twice a 15 minute walk at a day would be great for a dog.
Of course, you can consult a dog trainer to know how many times a day your dog needs to walk.

If you have a Chihuahua dog, consider these tips


Introduce Pit Bull Dog Breed, How to Training and Care it

The American Pit Bull is also known by other names, including: Pit Bull, Pit Bull Terrier, American Bull, American Pit Bull, American Pit Bull Dog, Pit Dog, Half-and-Half, American Bull Terrier, Yankee Terrier, Yankee  Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier. The Pit Bull is a well-balanced dog whose amazing strength is unusual for its medium size. The Pit Bull is not registered with the Kennel Club under this name, but has a history with the American Staffordshire Terrier registered with the AKC.
Pit bull dog, like the Am Staffs, are smart, four-shouldered and muscular, powerful but fast.
Unfortunately, some unruly owners use this power to wage war on dogs.
Pit bull have many remarkable features.  High endurance, acceptance of training, loyalty, assertiveness and stubbornness but kindness are among the characteristics of the Pit Bull dog breed.
The Staffordshire Terrier was admitted to the American Kennel Club in 1936. The breed was renamed the American Staffordshire Terrier in 1972. To …

Benefits of Carbohydrate Nutrition for Dogs

When you go to pet shops to buy dog ​​food, you see hundreds of different food options.  It is important that you already have a proper diet plan for your dog, so you will not be confused in choosing the right food for your dog when you go. Try to read the labels on dog food packages carefully before buying. This will also help you to buy quality food for your dog.
Always try to provide your dog with foods that contain carbohydrates.  Dry dog ​​food should contain about 30 to 70% carbohydrates. As you probably know, carbohydrates are usually obtained from plants and grains and provide energy in the form of sugar. Carbohydrates have important functions in dog food, so never underestimate them. 
This article from discusses dog carbohydrate nutrition in consultation with veterinarian Dr. Felicia Amanda. Providing Dog energy: One of the important capabilities of carbohydrates is to provide the energy needed by animals.  Dogs can convert certain sources of carbohydrates into si…

Raw Food is Good for Dog or not

For thousands of years, seeing nature has shown that raw food, which is basically raw meat, is good for the health and longevity of animals. This includes pets, especially dogs.
Some people think that raw food is not suitable for domestic dogs, but research and experiments have shown that this is a misconception.
The raw food option for dogs can be both frustrating and worrying for some dog owners. In their opinion, going to the nearest pet store and buying a variety of homemade foods such as dried, cooked, semi-cooked and canned is a better option. But it's good to know what are benefits of raw food for your dog.Raw foods not only do not endanger the lives of dogs, but are rich in nutrients.
A meat-rich diet will definitely provide the first need for meat eaters which is protein.  "Protein" is essential for improving performance, growth, healing and survival of carnivores. Dog is a meat eaters.
Veterinarians and dog breeders believes, raw food is one of the best ways to feed…

Training ways to dog calming and stop unnecessary barking

Some dogs naturally have more energy than other dogs, and if your dog has a lot of energy and is aroused quickly, you need to calming it down. For example، get away your dog from things that irritate it. With reading this article by, you can get known a few ways to calming and make your dog quiet.Train your dogCommand your dog by ( Stop or Enough ) orderIn start of training your dog, teach dog a Stop command or Enough, these two orders are so useful to calming a dog from barking. Try to train your dog in a quiet environment so that the dog can only focus on you. Also, keep your eyes just on your dog's eyes during training.  Be aware that you need to command your dog out loud to dog focus on you only.
"Look at me" is the best and most important command that draws the dog's full attention to you. For more impact, you can always use the mentioned words after you call your dog name.
It will good if you train your dog the command words, in every position you…