8 Best ways to make your dog happier

8 Best ways to make your dog happier

Dogs are inherently happy and simple animals, but there are a few fun ways you can make them look happier. Here are some ways to make your dog more happy than ever. Follow this article of Dogtoa.com.

Give your dog a special responsibility

You may always treat your dog like a baby, but when dogs get older, they are more likely to be responsible and able to do something. 
They have a great desire to be responsible and to be able to do something.  You can ask your dog to put his belongings in a backpack while walking, or any other task that you think is good.  It is important that you give your dog a special responsibility and trust your dog. He or she will definitely be happy and excited.

Buy a baby pool for your dog

Dogs love to swim, so be sure to provide them with a small pool to keep them entertained.  Pour some water into the pool so that when the weather warms up, it goes into this particular pool to cool down.

Dance with your dog

Dogs love to dance with their owners. When you want to have a stronger relationship with your dog, sing a happy song and dance together or sing a song for him.

Let your dog ruin his or her toys

You may feel bad and upset when you see your dog ruining his toys. But if you want to make your dog happy, sometimes let him touch his toys as much as he wants and even ruin them. Dogs instinctively like to exercise and engage in physical activity, and destroying toys is a good opportunity for them to meet their needs.

Hide your dog's favorite toys to look for

When you are busy, you can hide a number of your dog's favorite toys in the corners of the home and see how many of those items has found by dog, before you get back to home. A few weeks later, play the same game with him again and put the equipment elsewhere. It also has a training aspect and encourages your dog to look for own toys and items and stay active when you are not at home.

Creat a relaxing atmosphere for your dog and give it special facilities

We humans are not the only ones who like to take care of our facial and body skin.  Dogs, like us, have the same needs, and they like to be massaged by someone.  Of course, you don't have to take your dog to a particular salon. There are many ways you can provide special facilities at home.

Give your dog ice cream

In summer, you can make ice cream for your dog. To do this, pour some syrup into a special container and let it freeze. Of course, you can also give him delicious candies in other seasons.

Praise your dog

When someone compliments us on our appearance or performance, we feel good. Dogs also love to be praised. Whenever your dog does something that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face, be sure to show him that happiness, because it will encourage him to do something good again.


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