Best method to feed a newborn puppy until two months old

Best method to feed a newborn puppy until two months old

Puppy feeding is one of the most important factors in their full growth and we should know what food is best for them.

Now will give you the good and useful information about puppy food.

This article has been written and shared after consulting with Dr. Chris Kristanto (veterinarian) and his approval. Many thanks to him.

A puppy food that is 20 days or 1 month old

Some dog lovers may not yet know that puppies need more food than adult dogs.

Do not feed your "puppy dry food" until the first month after birth, because at this age they still do not have teeth. For the first month after birth, feed your cute puppy only with "formula" puppy special powdered milk which you can buy from pet shops.

You can also make homemade powdered or dry milk yourself, which costs less.  In the next articles, we will discuss how to make "homemade powdered milk" for puppies.

Don't forget that separating puppies from their mothers is a great injustice to mothers and puppies.

The mother will be very depressed and the puppies will need their mother's love and milk.

None of this can be a perfect meal for a puppy just like breast milk.

How to feed a puppy with formula

Don't return them to back when "feeding milk to puppies".

For puppies, use their special milk bottle, which is available in most pet shops.

Puppies up to 5 weeks of age need 4 to 6 meal of milk a day.

The volume of each meal should be between 40 and 80 ml.

When feeding milk to a puppy, warp your the new family member in a towel and hug him or her.

Then shake the milk bottle a little and let a few drops of milk come out from bottle nipple.

Now put the bottle nipple in the puppy mouth and let puppy to begin suck on the bottle.

Be careful, if you pierce the tip of the bottle nipple too much, too much milk will enter your puppy's lungs, which will cause a cough, and even in some deplorable cases, it may suffocate the puppy.

Note that puppies should milk feed for at least 3 weeks or 21 days.

How to add complementary foods to puppy meal

After three weeks, you can use complementary foods to your puppy's meal.

Cerelacand biscuits dissolved in milk can be use as "complementary foods" for our puppies.

If the puppy is allergic to complementary foods, eliminate it from the meal.Heartburn, diarrhea and vomiting are some of the symptoms of these allergies.

Puppy food after one month

After one month, you can give your lovely puppy less milk and add other foods to your puppy's meal, such as cooked chicken, too soft rice with yogurt, or chicken broth and meat with vegetables.

Remember to never add garlic, onions and spices in puppy's complementary foods and for starters, complementary foods should include less than half of the "puppy's meals". The main food for puppies is still milk.

The right age to reduce puppy milk

When the "puppy" reaches the age of 60 days, it's best to feed milk only one meal. Don't forget that if you suddenly change the puppy's food, your puppy may face a lot of digestive problems. 

Let the puppy gradually become accustomed to a food so that the digestive system can digest it. 

The two months old is actually the sweetest and most important age of a puppy.

You have to teach the puppy to eat on time and in its own food container.

This will help prevent puppies to accepting food from strangers in the future, which is a very important part of your dog's safety.

If your puppy has diarrhea, some sweet yogurt is good for, but If the diarrhea does not stop, call a reliable "veterinarian" immediately to consultation and get know of details.

The article that you read was a general discussion of the dietary habits of newborn puppies up to the age of two months. This general method can be used for all "puppies of any breed", but in addition to the above, some dog breeds have special diets. Subsequent articles on specific diets will examine specific breeds for some dogs. Follow "".


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