How to properly train German Shepherd puppies

How to properly train German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in dogs world and have been living with us humans for many years.  German Shepherd is a highly intelligent and loyal dog who will be a great choice as a pet dog or guard dog.

German Shepard puppy training depends on health and proper nutrition. 

German Shepherd dogs have become an integral part of the army and police force in almost all countries due to their high intelligence and strong sense of smell.  German Shepherd dogs are an integral part of rescue teams in many unexpected events such as floods, earthquakes and huge building fires.

In this article, discusses important tips to train German Shepherd puppies.

Start training at 8 weeks of age. Every German Shepherd can be trained, they are very strong and powerful. If you start training with puppy german sheperd, you will have the privilege of shaping the dog's personality properly and applying the formatting you want. 
A German Shepard Dog has a lot of potential for protecting family members, so you want to develop the relationships and social habits of Shepard puppies faster. This allows them to be used to communicate with different types of people and animals, which is essential.
First of all, start teaching the German Shepherd puppy for how to stand and sit.
This will be the first and most important and practical part of a German sheperd dog training. For example, imagine that you take your dog to a veterinarian for a medical examination. There, if your dog still not learned to sitting and getting up before that, all thing will be so difficult. So start teaching German Shepherd puppies from commanding it to sit and stand up, so that you do not face any problems in the future in any cases. Your German Shepherd puppy should first learn to sit, not move, and stand on his heels. This part of training will have performance anywhere, anytime, at home, outdoors, at work, and so on.
Your puppy will not understand your instructions quickly in the early stages of training. Try to explain exactly what you want to your Shepherd puppy, and you have to be a little patient in training time, because the pets training is time consuming.
Always try to use just one same word in each commanding to your dog, for example, to sitting, you have always to use sit down and do not use synonyms, because it is much easier for a dog to learn and understand a word than several word in a command.
Use food as a reward for learning puppies. You can start your first pet training with a command to eat. For example, give a food to your German Shepherd puppy and tell it to eat, and when you forbid your puppy from eating, command it not to eat and take the food out of it reach, this is an easily training way for your puppy that when it should to eat or not eat.
German Shepherd dogs love to learn. If you use the reward for training, the puppy's cooperation and speed of learning will increase significantly.  Avoid forbidden and harmful fruits for dogs as a reward and do not endanger your dog's health.
If this behavior occurs while eating from a bowl, immediately stop the puppy from eating so that your German Shepherd realizes that he should not exceed his bowl while eating.
Train your German Shepherd puppy that when eating food from the bowl, people will not be threatened if they add food to the dog's food intake.
To learn how to sit and eliminate the aggressive behavior of a German Shepherd puppy at eating time, first of all, you must sit down as relax, encourage the puppy also to sit down, and then remove its food container, and feed Shepherd dog, just with your own hands.
Do not enlarge a food container of your puppy, but add more food to the bowl when the puppy eats and caress and encourage it if it is calm and polite. You can encourage your dog by caressing. Sometimes leave a empty of food bowl in front of your dog, to train the puppy to focus only on the bowl when eating.Then gradually add the food in the bowl and, of course, stay with your dog until the end of the meal, which will make your puppy calm and  it confidence goas up.
Note: If you feel threatened while feeding your dog and see signs of aggressive behavior in the puppy, do not continue because it can be dangerous for you and your family members, especially a child at home. Stop training in danger conditions like a professional coach.

Treat with a German Shepherd puppy properly so that you can enjoy a genuine German Shepherd dog in the future. If your German dog is mature and even old, it will still be able to learn due to Shepard's high intelligence.

You can feed the dog during training hours. You can apply your wishes and instructions while feeding and give the food to the puppy as a reward.

Don't yell on your dog. The German Shepherd dog can easily understand your mood from your voice tone, because of its intelligence. If you are bored and nervous, do not start training a Shepherd puppy if your not mood, choose the time when you and dog the both are in a good condition.
If you fail to train German Shepherd puppies, the best advice, you must be just calm down, then review the all behaviors that you used in training  time with your dog, you will definitely find the reason for the failure. Don't despair and try again and again until you get the result that you need in training a German Shepherd dog.
In general, the puppy training is the responsibility of a family member. After advancing in training and institutionalizing social behaviors in puppies, other family members should also be involved. Because the Shepherd puppy must realize that he will not take orders from just one person and will not resist the orders of other family members.


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