More information about chihuahua dog

More information about chihuahua dog

The beautiful small dog named Chihuahua or Chi is the smallest dog breed in the world in terms of size. 

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The chihuahua dogs are really attractive and lovely, not only because of their small size, but due the special variety of their hair colors, also kind and loyal character of them, are among the reasons for the popularity of chihuahua around the world, especially in United States.

In addition to their beautifuly, attractive and unique appearance, the chihuahua is very smart and agile, also perform very well and stunningly in sports competitions. It is good to know that among 155 species of popular dogs in the world, the small chihuahua is ranked 11th.

Among the advantages of the chihuahua dog is undoubtedly the extraordinarily funny, cute and lovable. It is very suitable for keeping in the apartment and small environment, because the body size of this dog is small. The chi dog is not very time consuming and troublesome in terms of hair care, you don't even need to constantly take care of your doggy hair. Importantly, the chi dog has a longer lifespan than other dog breeds, also taveling with a chihuahua is definitely more enjoyable and easier.

But the thing to note in mind when keeping a chi dog is that the chihuahua dog due to its delicacy, has very little resistance even in the face of a very small blow. In addition, if you have small kids, it is recommended that you refrain from having a chi dog, as the childs may inadvertently injure the chi dog away from their parents' eyes. Chi dogs have a special sensitivity to their territory, so you have to endure the repeated and untimely barking of this breed of dog. In addition, in cold season, you should cover your dog with warm clothing before walking, because the chi dog is not resistant to cold and does not tolerate cold.

Don't think that the chi dog has just emerged in the last few years, because the chi dog has a certain originality, the chihuahua dog species lived 300 BC.

The petroglyphs which has found on the chi dog show that the dog lived during the Toltec period in Central America and South America. There are still lithographs of the chi dog on the walls of the caves. In prehistoric times, it was called Techchi.

In ancient times, there were even strange ethnic beliefs about chi dog, including, chi dog was able to see the future, it was even said that the dog was used to treat patients, and so on.

Some ancient tribes even ate Techichi ( Chihuahua ) dogs as food.

Of course, there is another theory about the history of the chihuahua, for example, that in the past Spanish traders took small hairless dogs from China to Mexico, then mixed their with small native dogs and breeding.

Acharacteristics of Chihuahua dog

Very small size

Short, shiny or long hair

Long sharp corners

Sharp snout

Black and large round springs

Chihuahua is a small dog, up to 15 to 23 centimeters tall and weighing between 1 and 3 kilograms, some of which may weigh up to 6 kilograms. Don't be surprised, Chi is actually the smallest dog in the world. Don't Worry, this is just a suggestion, larger chi dogs are more suitable for families with small children. But the chi dogs who weigh up to 3 kg are not good for families with small children.

Chihuahua dog lifespan

The lifespan of a chihuahua dog is definitely directly related to the way its owner cares. If you take good care of a chi dog, its lifespan is relatively longer compared to other dog breeds (15-20 years).

Chihuahua dog colors








Chihuahua dog temperament

Very sensitive

Brave and bold


Have a good relationship with families and children

Distrust of strangers

Have a good relationship with other pets except dogs!

Has a great personality


Chihuahua dog characteristics

This breed is suitable for keeping in the apartment.

A good choice for beginners who have never had a dog before.

They are very dependent on their owners and likes to have a close relationship with them and are constantly looking for them.

Chihuahua can't live alone.
Chihuahua does not tolerate high heat, also high cold.

They have very good relationship with their owners and are considered as family dog.

The chi dog has a good relationship with kids.

A chi dog doesn't have a good relationship with other dogs and is very jealous. If they sees that their owners pay attention to another dogs, they will be jealous and may fight with other dogs.

Chihuahua dogs have good relationship with other pets, such as cats.

Chihuahua dog does not have a good relationship with strangers and is pessimistic about strangers and does not trust them.

Not having a good relationship with strangers has made chihuahua a good watchdog.

Chihuahua dogs have low and short hair.Of course, like all other dogs, hair loss will occur in the spring and fall.

Chihuahua saliva rarely comes out.

Chihuahua hair is easy to maintain and tidy, because is short.

Chihuahua dogs get sick very quickly, because the dog is sensitive and delicate and his body has little resistance to disease, you have to be very careful in caring for chihuahua.

Training a chihuahua is very easy and fast, especially if you give something to chi dog as an incentive, it will king key to chihuahua dog learning more fast.

The chihuahua is very intelligent and, of course, does not tolerate loneliness, so if it stays alone for a long time, the dog may become destructive and damage the equipment around itself, or even injure itself. Because loneliness makes the chihuahua dog nervous and depressed.

Chihuahua dog like to hunting mice and small rodents.

Chihuahua is a happy dog and loves to play, has a high energy level and is constantly on move.


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