Top 10 practical commands you should train to your dog

Top 10 practical commands you should train to your dog

In addition to playing with your dog, you must also train obedience to your dog. There are several basic recipes that every dog ​​should be taught and accustomed to. If dogs are trained to be obedient, we can easily control them, our dog will be disciplined and inappropriate behaviors will be removed from the dog. In some cases, using the right command can even save your dog's life.

Stay with until the end of this article to learn the top 10 practical commands that you should train to your dog.

Command to dog (Look at me)

One of the most important things to do when training a dog is to make sure that the dog pays full attention to you. Train your dog to look you, so that your dog can focus on you if necessary.

Emergency summons

This command will allow the dog to return to you quickly in any situation. This type of summons is only used in emergencies, such as when a dog is walking down a street full of cars. Proper training of this command can save the dog's life in many dangerous cases.  Remember that this type of command is different from normal summoning.

A calling command

The calling command, (e.g. : come on=normal summoning) can save you from countless tiredness and anger. You can also use this command in every where when his collar is released from your hand.

Remember to use this command only for positive things. Then he will come to you always and happily.

Comnand to dog (With me)

Command ( with me ) is so useful while walking with your dog. By this basic command you can train your dog to walk with you and not pull the collar.


Prohibition is a command that tells the dog that what he is approaching does not belong to him. Thiscommand can prevent harmful food from being eaten, or your favorite shoes! If the dog is well acquainted with this recipe, your need for a veterinarian will be greatly reduced.

Command to dog (Leave it)

This command is good when your dog took something with the mouth. With this command, you can prevent your dog from eating substances that are harmful to health.

Command to dog (Sit down)

It's usually the first command that people teach their dog. While this training may seem rudimentary, but it is very important and practical. With this command, you can also control the dog's behavior.

Command to dog (Lie down)

This command is important for a variety of reasons.  First of all, just like sitting down, can stop the dog's unwanted behavior. Lying down can also calm an excited dog. 

In fact, lying down is a practical command. For example, if you want to train your dog to rolling, you can get help from this recipe.

Command to dog (Stay here)

The stay command is used in different situations. This command helps the dog not to leave his safe position or not to disturb others. If the dog is well acquainted with this command, you will have lots control over the dog behavior in community.

Command to dog (Wait)

With the waiting command, dog will not move unless get permission from you. This command is very useful to prevent the dog from leaving home or car.


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