Raw Food is Good for Dog or not

Raw Food is Good for Dog or not

For thousands of years, seeing nature has shown that raw food, which is basically raw meat, is good for the health and longevity of animals. This includes pets, especially dogs.

Some people think that raw food is not suitable for domestic dogs, but research and experiments have shown that this is a misconception.

The raw food option for dogs can be both frustrating and worrying for some dog owners. In their opinion, going to the nearest pet store and buying a variety of homemade foods such as dried, cooked, semi-cooked and canned is a better option.

But it's good to know what are benefits of raw food for your dog.

Raw foods not only do not endanger the lives of dogs, but are rich in nutrients.

A meat-rich diet will definitely provide the first need for meat eaters which is protein.  "Protein" is essential for improving performance, growth, healing and survival of carnivores. Dog is a meat eaters.

Veterinarians and dog breeders believes, raw food is one of the best ways to feed a dog.

BARF is a dietary for animals that is based on a balance between raw meat, fruits, vegetables, bones, and raw food supplements.

Contrary to some misconceptions, raw dog food is one of the best ways to feed dogs in the world, so much so that the most famous dog food brands are trying to use raw food.  The world's top kennels also use raw food for their multi-hundred-thousand-dollar dogs. Interestingly, there are no signs of parasites in these dogs.

Animal carcasses, such as intestines, liver, kidneys, and spleen, are a type of raw food for dogs that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids which are so good choice as dog food. 

Bones are also a very good and popular raw food for dogs. Bones are rich in calcium, and calcium is essential for bone growth and for the whole body.  Bones contain high levels of fatty acids and omega-3s.

So, as mentioned, a raw diet is actually a combination of nutrients that includes beneficial elements such as protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics that are the best dietary experience for  Your dog.  Needlesss to say that raw foods contain natural nutrients and not contain chemical compounds. Also, raw foods are easier for dogs to digest than cooked foods.

Some dog owners like to feed their pets by both types, raw foods and ready-made or cooked foods, which is okay.

Of course, keep in mind that feeding dogs with dry food and raw food together and at the same time is forbidden.

Benefits of raw feed for dog

 Brighter skin and hair
 Better digestion
 Stronger immune system
 Better health
 More energy
 More muscle mass


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