Training ways to dog calming and stop unnecessary barking

Training ways to dog calming and stop unnecessary barking

Some dogs naturally have more energy than other dogs, and if your dog has a lot of energy and is aroused quickly, you need to calming it down. For example، get away your dog from things that irritate it. With reading this article by, you can get known a few ways to calming and make your dog quiet.

Train your dog

Command your dog by ( Stop or Enough ) order

In start of training your dog, teach dog a Stop command or Enough, these two orders are so useful to calming a dog from barking. Try to train your dog in a quiet environment so that the dog can only focus on you. Also, keep your eyes just on your dog's eyes during training.  Be aware that you need to command your dog out loud to dog focus on you only.


"Look at me" is the best and most important command that draws the dog's full attention to you. For more impact, you can always use the mentioned words after you call your dog name.

It will good if you train your dog the command words, in every position you're in. This means, when you are standing or sitting, etc, because if you commanding dog only in one position, the dog will always listen to your command, but only in the same position as you're in.

Also you need to train your dog in all rooms and places in your home till dog will habitual in different situations when taking command.

Do not put your hand in your pocket while training.  When you do this, the dog think that did right thing and it's the time to get reward.

Motivate dogs to learn more smoothly and quickly

Try to give a reward to dog sometimes, of course, when dog obeys your command.

Train dogs to "sit" and "calm down"


Avoid punishing dogs. If your dog done something wrong, never punish it, avoid shouting at the dog, because the dog thinks it can get your attention by doing wrong behavior, so it will repeat the mistake again.

Train your dog not to do unnecessary barking

Control the dog barking

One of the most important behaviors of dogs is barking unnecessarily. If your dog often does unnecessary barking, you can correct your dog's bad behavior with the following techniques.

Eliminate the cause of barking dogs

For example, if the passage of passers-by behind the yard is the cause of your dog bark, bring the dog into the home immediately. 
When your dog is barking, don't care it, don't even look at the dog, and when the barking stops, give the dog a reward.

Use the "calm", "quiet", "stop", "enough" commands as mentioned above, and repeat these commands aloud until the dog stops "barking", but never shout and be patient.

Changing your behavior with your dog

Some dogs become restless and does barking when their owner go out of home. You can prevent this behavior by following the steps below.
Stay away from your dog for 15 to 30 minutes before leaving home. Take the keys and wear your shoes 30 minutes before go out of house, in which case the dog will not imagine that is going to spend hours without you.

You don't have to say goodbye to your dog when you leave home. Don't attract the dog attention. After returning home, wait for the dog's behavior to return normal, then feed the dog.

Before you go out, keep the dog busy with something like food or toys so that the dog is busy with toys for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes, after you leave home. When you get back, keep toys away from your dog, only give your dog toys when you want to go out.

Introduce your playful dog to other dogs

Usually the dogs are very calm in their lives with humans, but when they see another dog, they become very irritated and show irrational movements.
Introduce your dog with other dogs in a right place, never do it at a place where your dog feels owned, or your dog's favorite place, such as a favorite park, indoors, or yard.
Your dog's friendship with other dogs will calm your dog down, with this method, your dog will be less restless, as a result of unnecessary barking of the dog will be reduced.

Some dog barking causes

Some dogs need to be kept away from their unnecessary barking causes. Of course, unnecessary and excessive barking is related to dog breeds too, which will be explained in the next articles.

Keep your dog away from uninterrupted noise

Keep your dog away from the main door of the house because the sound coming from outside, such as the sound of a car and a sidewalk, may irritate your dog.
If your dog reacts to car noise or other unstoppable noises, you can use a relaxing music or waterfall sound, wind, and other recorded natural sounds.

Make your dog relax by exercise

One of the best ways to relaxing your dog is to exercise with your dog. This will both calm the dog and help keep it healthy.
Take at least 1.5 km of walking with your dog a day, for 2 to 30 minutes or 3 to 20 minutes. If your dog has good feedback on exercise, you can also use running and cycling, and if he doesn't react well, you can play with your dog in home yard.

Excessive fatigue makes the dog nervous and can be one of the reasons for the unusual barking of the dog.

Resting the dog after play and exercising is essential

The most important thing after exercise and feeding is dog resting, if you don't want to let your dog rest, then otherwise you will only aggravate your dog's behavior. It doesn't matter a dog how many hours has to sleep, because the exact time and length of time the dog sleeps doesn't clear and important. Dogs will sleep when they're tired.


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